What I Can Help With 

My professional and personal experiences have led me to notice how attachment and separation issues shape our very being in the world and are at the heart of our identity and how we make or break relationships. It is the meaning we give to these and related experiences that can be explored in therapy.
  • Attachment separation & loss issues
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Bereavement .
  • Addictive behaviours, drug and alcohol and binge eating that may provide you with short term solutions to more deeply rooted difficulties.   
  • Abuse: sexual emotional, domestic  
  • Depression 
  • Emotions that affect your way of relating; shame, guilt, sadness anger, rage.
  • Identity - racial, cultural sexual, (dis)ability.  Or discovering that you are changing, desires, thoughts, feelings about yourself and others that may be new to you and are unable to manage what this means .  
  • Traumatic life events that affect your day to day functioning.
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