How I Work

As a Gestalt counsellor/psychotherapist I work to support you, the client, trusting yourself with me by ‘putting their foot in the river’ and experiencing what happens in the moment. The process means you and I having a conversation about events in your life that have brought you to seek help.

Some feelings may be too difficult to talk about because they are painful or associated with strong beliefs that bring shame, fear, guilt, anger. I aim to support you to notice not just your feelings but sensations and how and what you do when you pay attention to what is going on in you. It is your responses to what arises in you that can assist with moving toward a more satisfied outcome. 
Gestalt Counselling & Psychotherapy

The distinction I make between counselling and psychotherapy is that counselling may be connected to specific issue(s) that require being counselled.  For example you may have suffered a loss of a significant person. Counselling you through the grieving process may be sufficient for their needs.

Psychotherapy can assist with similar and more complex difficulties and disorders.  The arrangement is usually long term and on a regular basis so that the process of therapy can mean deepening the relationship between you and me enabling exploration into underlying issues.
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