Gestalt Psychotherapy 

Gestalt is a German word that does not have an exact translation; it means to make shape, to reconfigure, to make whole.  It is a verb, not a noun so the Gestalt means there is an ebb and flow to the way of being in the world;  there is always movement and change, so the old adage,  ‘Can’t put your foot in the same river twice’  means just that.  The difficulties arise when we try to stop the flow through having unhealthy responses to what we are relating to, thereby repeating patterns that prevent growth.

The aim of Gestalt therapy is awareness.  

Gestalt therapy integrates mindfulness and encourages you to notice and pay attention to what arises in you.

 My aim in working with you is also to support you stepping out of your comfort zone with the ultimate aim of helping you try something different leading to excitement and personal growth.

"Can't put your foot in the same river twice"

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